Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Review of 5 of the 28 products in The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack ebook and ecourse Bundle

Review of 5 of the 28 products in The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack ebook and ecourse Bundle

The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack Bundle contains 28 digital products and only costs $47.95, but it ends on the 13th of November.
For a direct link visit
In this post I’ll have a quick look at the first 5 products in the bundle covering HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and creating your business presence on line.

Ikram Hawaramani’s - HTML & CSS For Complete Beginners - book

What I like about this is that Chapter 7 on page 235 (243 in pdf) is where most HTML courses ‘start’, and you learn the structure of the HTML page.
Uses JStinker in the early sections to make it easier to see what is going on. And when you look at “The JavaScript Way” you’ll see other options like CodePen or JSFiddle and JSBin.
There are a lot of screenshots and a lot of code samples and I think it is very clear and covers the basics of HTML and CSS well enough that you will be creating web pages quickly.

Core HTML How to Get Online Quickly HTML to HTML 5 - online course - by Laurence Svekis

Covers very similar material, which is normal since it is a beginner’s guide. Covers it in a different order. The lecture names are clear so you’ll be able to jump back and forwards between this and Ikrma’s book to see it action.
Often when you are starting to learn something you end up having to make a choice between different resources. The benefit of getting it all in bundle is that you instantly have access to complementary material.

Zero To Startup in 30 Days - online course - by Tim Moreton

What most basic HTML and CSS course don’t cover is how you actually get online, but this bundle covers that in the “Zero To Startup in 30 Days”. Zero to startup covers a lot of material and some of which I wish I had known when I started, because its very focussed on getting on line, fast at low cost. And it shows you how get things done pragmatically like hosting your site on gitpages, pointing a domain name so you look like a business, getting graphics, setting up a mailing list, etc.

The JavaScript Way by Baptiste Pequest

I think this is an excellent book about JavaScript. It starts with JavaScript in the Dev console, then uses online tools like CodePen to explore JavaScript. I like that it focusses on JavaScript the language before it dives into amending web pages - which is something that JavaScript books never used to do.
And the book covers a lot of really practical DOM manipulation, and moving on to making HTTP requests and interacting with the server. And it ends with a couple of Node JS chapters for writing stuff on the server side.

JavaScript Beginners Guide - course - by Ismail Raji

Complements “The JavaScript Way” by covering similar material but you’ll see it on line as step by step follow along videos which makes it easier to see when you are making a mistake.


That’s the first 5 products in the bundle and it will have value for people of different levels of experience.
On a personal note I’m also finding it useful to see how different people teach the material and create their books and online training, but I know most people won’t be looking at it from that perspective.
From what I’ve seen so far there is content for absolute beginners and those with experience in topic.
These five products will get you online with your own web pages and you’ll be able to use the information here to help you expand your front end knowledge to support your own testing.
There are another 20+ products in the bundle covering: Java, Ruby, Node, Python, Business and Development skills. I’m hoping to get a chance to look at some more later this week.

The bundle costs $47.95 for 28 products and ends on 13th November

The bundle ends on the 13th of November and costs $47.95 for 28 digital products: ebooks and courses.
For a direct link visit

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

TLDR; 28 books and courses for only $47.95, but only for the next seven days
You can find the full list of books and courses at The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

28 ebooks and ecourses for only $47.95

My "Java For Testers" ebook is in a bundle.
for the next 7 days, you can get 28 ebooks and courses for $47.95, and only.
Topics covered are: JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, APIs, HTML, CSS, Kotlin, Testing, Learning skills, Business and creating mobile and desktop apps.
You can find the full list of books at The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack

I've Already Read

I've already read:
  • The JavaScript Way by Baptiste Pequest
I liked the way the Browser dev tools console is used for the first part of the book - which is how I teach JavaScript as well. I think this approach makes it easy to get started.

Wants List

The following have been on my "want to read" list for some time:
  • Build APIs You Won't Hate by Phil Sturgeon
  • Building Test-Driven Developers by Chris Hartjes
Kotlin is one of the languages I've been interested in so I want to read through
  • Kotlin for Android Developers by Antonio Leiva
  • Fundamental Kotlin by Milos Vasic
And I create desktop apps for testing so I'm interested in seeing how React Native stacks up against Java in:
  • Production Ready React Native ecourse by Spencer Carli
  • Learn Java the Easy Way: Build Java Desktop & Android Mobile Apps ecourse by Bryson Payne
There are also books covering Ruby and Python if you are interested in learning these.

Interesting Titles

I think "The Toy Robot" Ruby book by Ryan Bigg looks interesting because it uses BDD in a short case study, which also (indirectly) shows you the basics of writing a keyword interpreter. So you'll see the basics of writing a simple command interpreter and you will be able to apply this to your automated execution approach if you want to - this is something I've been meaning to write up for a while so I want to see how Ryan handles the topic.
Clearly I haven't mentioned everything in the bundle, I just picked out the stuff that I am most interested in. You might be more interested in the other Ruby books, or HTML or Python books. Possibly the iOS programming, PHP or business and 'psychology of programming' type books.

Only Available for 7 Days

I think it is a bundle worth checking out The Ultimate Programmer Super Stack. And remember the $47.95 offer ends in 7 days on the 13th or 14th of November - and you essentially get Java For Testers as a free bonus.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Digital Marketing FIT Small Business Influencers

Digital Marketing FIT Small Business Influencers

TLDR; tips for digital marketing - automate, create fast, promote

Friday, 2 November 2018

Using Postman Snippets

Using Postman Snippets

TLDR; Postman snippets can help us get started with scripting assertions to support REST API Testing

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Instagram Private Information

Instagram Private Information

TLDR: The "Private Information" section of your Instagram profile does not mean that when you switch to a Business account.