Here at we have produced a few videos to help people test, or not, depending on how you react to them.

You can see more of our videos on our YouTube Channel EvilTesterVideos

Technical Skills

Technical skills are essential for testers in the modern world. I try to make the posts on practical. And have created some supporting videos to help.

Burp Suite Basics

Covers the basics of Burp Suite, a proxy server which you can use to view and amend http traffic passing between your browser and the server.

Burp Suite Repeater and Intruder

Additional functionality on burp suite to send more than one message and replay messages.


How to learn Selenium

A minor rant, but with serious intent. If you want to learn Selenium you have to put the work in. That was why I wrote a book, and have a dedicated Selenium Web Site. This is the accompanying blog post for the video.


Humour, a debatable label to the following videos.

Captcha as EVP

We can explain Electronic voice phenomena as misinterpretation of audio. Captcha can do the same thing, particularly when unintelligable. Associated blog post.

Selenium Sporting Event Tribute

A tribute to a famous sporting event using Selenium.

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