Saturday, 12 April 2008

Of course I'm not Evil...

Do I look Evil?

"Of course I'm not Evil.

Do I look Evil?"


  1. What's with all the evil talk? I don't quite get that. If I write software and you find bugs in it, I don't think that's very evil.

    Is there a copy editor out there somewhere who calls himself "The Evil Copy Editor?" Is there a U.N. weapons inspector who calls himself "The Evil U.N. Inspector?"

    Or maybe by evil you mean that you intentionally don't report bugs that you know your clients would want to hear about?

    Anyway, if you want to go with evil, that's okay. But you better say something evil once in a while, or we'll start thinking you're only MILD MANNERED. Horrors! You actually look kind of evil in person. Post a pic of yourself.

    -- James

    Thanks for the comment James. I'll make sure and write a post that addresses ... "What's with all this Evil stuff" - I look forward to finding out what convoluted rationale pops out of my belief system...

    Did I do it just because I found it funny?
    Do I really think I'm Eeevil?
    Have I reinterpreted Evil for some crude, or possibly, malevolent purpose?
    Are good domain names really so hard to find nowadays that I could only find this one?
    Perhaps I intended the site to house comic strips but I couldn't create enough quickly enough?
    Some strange puerile attempt at controversy?
    ...stay tuned to find out...

    I don't think I should post a photo though. If I show my true face then that might scare people too much.

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