Sunday, 4 May 2008

I Care

I Care

I'm Sure it seems as though I'm Evil.

But it's only because I care.


  1. Ya know... These odd tid-bits that you post also show up at They're generally annoying and kind of clutter up that site, causing it appear less profesional IMO.

    my 2¢

    Hi Mark, I appreciate your 2¢.

    The slogans haven't worked out as well as I'd hoped. I don't have any concerns about cluttering up or making that look unprofessional (Antony can always delete any content he doesn't appreciate).

    My concerns relate to the lack of "Wow, how can I buy a T-Shirt with that slogan on it" and "I need a mug with that snappy phrase on it right now"

    I really don't understand the testing community sometimes.


    At least now I know people read them.

    I shall be taking a different tack with the slogans from now on, so I hope you get more value from them in the future.

    And make sure to buy a mug when they are available.

  2. OK, OK, I'll check out the mugs... LOL

  3. Sounds like you're describing the middle school dating scene. :-)

  4. I love the cartoons and would love to get the mug and T-shirt when available :)
    I want to clutter my website with the cartoons if it is ok with Evil Tester.

    Hi Swamy, I promise to let you know when any merchandise becomes available.

    Note: prior to 06/Feb/2010 Everyone was able to reuse the slogan images on a non-commercial basis. as they were licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

    But sadly. Some people didn't play ball.

    So I'm taking the step of changing the license agreement as this will hopefully cause people to contact me if they want to use the images. This doesn't affect anyone who has used the license in the correct way, those sites can keep displaying the images, you guys did good. But from now on 06/02/10, if anyone want to use the images, ask my permission and approach them like normal copyright usage.

    Here are the exceptions:
    - if you are using them on your personal blogging site to link back to, because you find them entertaining, then feel free
    - if you want to use them in a testing presentation then feel free.
    - I can't imagine them being used for any other purpose, but if you do want to use them then just let me know and you'll probably be fine.

    If you want to use them to promote your own activities without making reference to me or my site then email me to agree commercial license terms.