Saturday, 10 May 2008

What's all this Evil stuff? Video Version

Just in case anyone thought that was getting too serious I thought I better provide a little background to the "Why Evil?" question.

The first answer seemed flippant, but all too appropriate... "Because Evil leads to comedy gold."

Allow me to explain.

Evil doesn't just mean "take over the world"

Nor does a one time adoption of an Evil attitude mean that you have to stay that way forever. You can flirt with an Evil persona and not let it take over.

And obviously people have an innate desire to do things just off the edge of goodness.


And we all love villains more than the heroes. My son loves pretending to have Diesel 10 chase the other Thomas & Friends Engines. He helped me find this video - Oogie Boogie's Song


It took me quite a few practice tries to look evil ,or get an Evil look, but obviously some people manage to pick it up faster than others.

And you must practice your laugh. Without it you have nothing.

Parents, you must encourage your children in this regard. Who knows how they will turn out without your influence.

Sometimes evil gets a bad rap, really, just all part of the family, helping fix things, having fun, enjoying the sunshine.

Obviously the bad guy gets the best clothes, the best shades, and the best facial hair.

Case closed, now no-one need ask "Why Evil?" ever again.

But I might just do one more teeny explanation...

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