Thursday, 29 January 2009

FireShot - a great web testing 'screen' capture tool

A few testers have recently mentioned the tool FireShot to me. Note they only 'mentioned' it to me - they should have raved about it and shouted out its name, and in between the effusive praising performed a little happy dance. This plugin works in both IE and Firefox and allows you to capture the whole browser page as an image and send it to the clipboard.
When you upgrade to the 'pro' version you get editing capabilities, but the free version will speed up your web testing defect reporting no end.
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  2. I initially read this and though "um, doesn't Alt-PrintScreen do exactly the same thing?"

    Then I read the linked page and realised that it captures the WHOLE web page as an image, even the bits that have scrolled off the bottom of the screen. Neat. :)


    Happy to have helped Stu - but I would prefer to assume you are joking about using Alt+PrintScreen in your testing instead of Greenshot, or SnagIT, or any of the thousands of screencapture tools available. :)

  3. Fireshot - is superb. I discovered it beginning of 2008 (I think!) I am able to highlight several issues, add text around them and print the whole page (in Black&White). I then use a pink highlighter over each and every issue. The developers love it, they can see quickly and clearly what needs changes, they can scribble on the paper, they can tick issues off.... One of my favourite simple tools. My 'Pink Papers' maybe the but of alot of developer jokes, but they work.

  4. Anyone has an idea how to use this with selenium? (automation test)
    how can one add the key to the head
    and how to activate the java script so it will work

    For automation with Selenium you would more likely want to use the captureEntirePageScreenshot or captureEntirePageScreenshotAndWait commands in the ide or the captureScreenshot and captureEntirePageScreenshot methods in RC.