Saturday, 27 February 2010

Automated Web Testing in Evil Tester Land

It seems about time to re-enter the cartoon world of Evil Tester.
And obviously, if Evil Tester did do automated web testing, he wouldn’t use something as prosaic as Selenium or Watir, he’d want some ‘proper’ automata.

I don’t believe I ever bragged of having a particularly sophisticated sense of humour.
At the moment, I fully expect this to make the cover of Selenium Simplified.

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  1. Hi There, on the selenium tutorial ebook, I couldn't see any information on building a test suite with IDE.

    This is one area i'm struggling with the moment, is this topic in the tutorial

    Hi, you should be able to read the entire extent I cover this in the free preview. I cover this on pages 19 and 20 in the section "Running the Test in Different Browsers"