Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Untold Story of the Test Plan

We all know by now the following things about test plan documents:
  • a test plan document does not substitute for the process of test planning,
  • a test plan document represents one way of communicating the results of the test planning process,
  • the process of test planning stops only when you stop testing (even then, you might obsess so much that you carry on planning)
I didn’t always know those things.


  1. I have had instance when it took me just an hr to test product feature but more time to prepare test summary report. The worse part, I yet had to prepare test summary report.

    Thanks for the comment Tarun, I have had that happen when I use a template. So I try to avoid templates and document my testing as I go along. At the end of my test sessions I try to have my notes, and the summary of my notes maintained separate from each other, so that I can just do a short 5 min tidy up and I'm done.

    I find note taking, the super secret exploratory testing skill. I continue to refine my approach to note taking.

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