Thursday, 12 January 2012

Firepath, THE XPath and CSS Locator Addon For Firefox

First I used XPather, then it was FireFinder, and since neither of those seems particularly compatible with the most recent versions of Firefox…
I now use FirePath.
FirePath operates as a Firebug extension and provides a handy “Inspect in FirePath” context menu entry.
FirePath handles XPath, CSS and JQuery selectors.
I don’t have any spare tools extensions in my tool box, so if Firepath dies I’m not sure what I’ll do.
Does anyone have any suggestions to add in the comments?


  1. Hi Evil Tester,

    There is a way to get XPather to work with the current version of Firefox(9.0.1). It's explained in the Reviews section of the XPather Add-ons page(copied below). Don't forget to install the DOM Inspector plugin(required for XPather).

    As for FireFinder, I'm hoping the next version will work with the latest Firefox. It was helpful tool to use, but I can't get the current version to work even though it's supposed to be compatible.

    FirePath is excellent tool(extension) to Firebug. Some of the other Firebug extensions may be helpful to testers, too.


    Addition to sammingo's explaination

    by yk2000 on December 8, 2011

    1. Right click on "Add to Firefox" link and do a "save link". This will create a .xpi file at selected location.
    2. Use 7zip or any other unzipping tool and extract the content.
    3. Edit the .rdf file as sammingo mentioned.
    4. Zip the content back to a zip file and rename it to .xpi (remember to keep the original package structure)
    * Alternatively just extract .rdf file, edit it and add back to the .xpi file

    by sammingo on November 1, 2011

    If you change the install.rdf file's line to something like this:


    and then restart firefox, this plugin still works fine.

  2. Thanks for the hints and tips Rick.