Friday, 11 March 2016

Behind the scenes: Dear Evil Tester Book editing continues with testing hints on Observation

A proof copy of "Dear Evil Tester" just popped through the door from CreateSpace.

So now, with a different observation tool (the book instead of the printout). I will start to spot different errors.

And we enter the next stage of editing. Hopefully after these edits and fixes, only one more proof copy will be required before we go to print.

Observation is one of the key parts of my simple testing model:

  • Modelling, Observation, Reflection, Intent, Manipulation

This model changes for technical testing to:

  • Modelling, Observation, Reflection (contains intent), Interrogation, Manipulation

Different tools change the way that we observe. Different printouts are no different. So now we enter the 'physical' proof editing stage.

Coming even sooner than before: Dear Evil Tester

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