Monday, 14 March 2016

How to draw Evil Tester

"Dear Evil Tester" includes some Evil Tester images and comics.

In this post I will show the basic process I use to go from a scribbled, draft, pencil drawing, to an inked and digital comic.

You'll see (in super blurry vision because of the web cam autofocus) the draft A3 sheets.

Then we move to an A4 pencil sketch. And then to an A4 ink sketch.

And we'll finish with a quick demo of the tools we need to scan it in and polish it up on the computer.

To scan the drawings I use a Canon Lide 220. Small, easy to store, USB powered (minimises cable and setup hassle), portable to different machines in different rooms. Fast enough. (For document scanning with multiple pages I use a ScanSnap ix500)

I scan into Paint .Net and I use Riot to shrink the file sizes.

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