Friday, 8 April 2016

How to Watch Repositories on Github via a NewsFeed

TL;DR subscribe to master commits on github with /commits/master.atom
There exist a lot of ‘lists’ and ‘notes’ on github, not just source code.
I would like to be able to be notified when these lists change.
There are official ways of watching repositories on github:
I primarily use news feeds through
The newsfeeds officially documented provides a bit too much information for me.
I really just want to know when new commits are pushed to master.

But the personal news feed functionality requires me to ‘watch’ a repo and then I’ll receive changes for:
  • issues
  • pull request actions
  • branch actions
  • comments
  • and all push commits
All I really care about are push commits to master
I wanted to know when changes are made to:
The approach I take is to subscribe to the commits feed on
  • /commits/master.atom
And therefore subscribe to the RSS Atom feed at:
If you find any good testing resources on github then please let me know, either via a comment or contact me.

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