Friday, 22 July 2016

We test REST even if it isn't REST

The Microsoft REST guidelines are being critiqued for not being particularly RESTful.
Pretty much every team I’ve worked on has had arguments about their implementation of REST APIs.
  • Versioning?
  • URI formats?
  • Query strings or paths?
  • Which return code?
  • Support OPTION?
  • Custom headers?
Those discussions are important for the design, but sometimes people get hung up on disagreements about theory.

On Workarounds and Fixes

TLDR: fixes are important. when we have work to do, sometimes a workaround is more important

One of the skills I think we develop when working with software is a search for workarounds.

I was reminded of that this morning when the start button on Windows 10 refused to work.

Friday, 15 July 2016

An Open Answer to an Open Letter

TLDR; Condemn? No. Support? I like parts of the paper. Censor? No.
And now I’m doing something I don’t like: writing a blog post in response to ‘something on the internet’. I’m writing a blog post which I don’t think has any practical value. I warn you now. I don’t think you will find much humour herein either. I have added a comedy punchline at the bottom though, if you want to skip ahead.
Chris McMahon has written an open letter to named reviewers of James Bach and Michael Bolton’s paper on “Context Driven Approach to Automation in Testing”. I reviewed the paper.
In the Open Letter Chris McMahon asks the reviewers three things:
  • condemn publicly “both the tone and the substance of that paper”
  • If you do support the paper, I ask you to do so publicly.
  • “regardless of your view, I request that you ask the authors” … “to remove that paper from public view” because it “is an impediment to reasonable discussion and it has no place in the modern discourse about test automation”
I find a few things personally difficult here:
  • I don’t feel strongly about the paper. There are parts I like, parts I agree with, parts I disagree with, parts I don’t like as much. Much like any paper.
  • I don’t like censorship