Sunday, 13 November 2016

Announcing A New Test Tool - TestToolHub - Counterstrings, and more...

A long long time ago I started creating some coding exercises for myself - looking at the comments it was started at least at 08/12/2014 - possibly earlier.

They were:
  • How can I generate a counterstring?
  • How can I use Java to write counterstrings to the clipboard?
  • How can I generate a forward counterstring? i.e. don’t reverse a string
  • How can I type that counterstring into an input field as it is generated?
  • How can I find all the comments on an HTML page
  • How can I generate strings for unicode chars?
  • How can I create a set of clickable urls for different environments etc.
And all of this I put into

And some of this I had done before.

You’ll find some of this stuff in my:
The clipboard stuff turned into an investigation of JavaFX and Java 1.8.

And its been sitting around on my hard drive for a while

I thought it was about time I released it, because I showed it in an exploratory testing tutorial and in some YouTube videos.
I spent a little time:
  • packaging it into a runnable jar,
  • moving it to github to release it as open source
  • create a release zip
  • write some documentation

Viola! “Test Tool Hub version 1.0” has been released to the world.

You can download it from github:
It requires Java 1.8 runtime.

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