Monday, 12 December 2016

A testing challenge for you "I T.E.S.T with A.T.T.I.T.U.D.E"

TLDR; Rather than pursue viral marketing millions, I have a released a new application for you to use for experimenting with exploratory testing, techical web testing, and JavaScript hacking. You can find it at


I had a mad idea recently that I should start a merchandising section, for T-Shirts with slogans and images. And then I remembered that I tried that before and didn’t follow it up very well. But then I thought “This will be different, I’ll put slogans on them. People like slogans.”

And then THIS popped into my head.


How cool would that be on a T-Shirt?

And then on the back the list of words that make up the acronym:



Ooh yeah. Viral Marketing Millions.

And then I thought. “But perhaps people would want to use their own words!”.

And then, like all people who can program, I thought “I should write an app for that”.

And so I did.

And then… yeah, the viral marketing demon that was sitting on my shoulder all the way through this exchange left me for an advertising exec talking loudly on his phone at the gym. So no marketing millions for me.

But, for you… a new testing challenge.

Yes, it’s really another testing challenge app. In the spirit of "Sloganizer" and "Cellular Automata" I bring you…

The “Test With” Whatifier

The "Test With Whatifier" a super catchy name.

“Oooh”, I hear you say. “Look at the fancy GUI”
And clearly at first glance it doesn’t do much.
  • If I write text in the input fields and then click the only button on screen [Clear]it just wipes out the text.
  • Is that bug?
  • Is that actually what it does?

Your Challenge

So I offer you a series of ascending challenges.
  • What does it do?
  • What can you make it do?
  • Is this thing buggy?
If you’ve been through my Technical Web Testing 101 online course you should have most of the skills you need to explore and interact with the "Test With Whatifier", and the app itself should be a useful additional practice zone for your technical web testing and JavaScript skills.

If you haven’t taken the $10 course yet… seriously only $10. Treat yourself.

Or you could look at some of the videos in Hacking JavaScript Games - Cellular Automata.

If you do any work with it, then feel free to leave comments letting me know how you get on.

PS. Yes the preamble T-Shirt stuff was filled with clues


  1. Dear Evil Tester:

    1) What does it do? It runs the function makeExplodedSentenceForm() when the button is clicked. This function can be read by pressing f12 and looking in dev tools at the contents of the script tags. It appears to be some kind of loop, oh god my eyes the JavaScript it burns. Why does it always have to be JavaScript.

    2) What can you make it do? I can type over makeExplodedSentenceForm() with the name one of your other functions and execute it by clicking the button. E.g. replacing makeExplodedSentenceForm() with writeToCanvas() makes the words "I with" appear when the button is clicked.

    3) Is this thing buggy? Probably if it was written by an evil tester like you. Also having JavaScript source code in the front end where people can mess with it is probably not a good idea.

    P.s. I think your "Dear Evil Tester" book is awesome. Some devs I work with got scared when they saw it on my desk.


  2. Thanks Rosie.

    1) This JavaScript burns more than most - I deliberately put all the functions in the wrong order and at the document level :)

    2) Great. `writeToCanvas()` is a fun function. Can you make it write anything else?

    3) Pretty much all JavaScript on the front end can be messed with, so unfortunately - good idea or not - that's what we have, and fortunately - we can use that to our advantage to help with our testing.

    Thanks for the comments on the book. Fear is often reduced through familiarity, and I'm sure your work peers would be less scared if they had their own copy to peruse :)