Friday, 17 March 2017

Top Ten Books For Testers for Huib Schoots

Huib Schoots recently asked for a top 10 books list for testers. I had to think hard when I wrote my list.

Bulleted below you can read the list I created. I added amazon links to the book so you can find them easily.
Only one of my titles had other people listing it as a shared title - Boris Beizer's book. Sadly,
it didn't make the top ten, so if you do read the above books then you'll be joining an exclusive club of Testers in the know.

And if you read the other books you'll be initiating yourself into an even more exclusive group. The group of people who have read all those books.

I think I added some of these books into the related reading section of "Dear Evil Tester", which has additional notes on why the books are important to me.

(This post was originally written around May/June 2013, but for some reason never left draft until 17/3/2017)


  1. I didn't ref many "popular" books either

    1. I remember seeing your list when you posted it, and it still didn't remind me to post my list. I can second some of the recommendations on your list - Pirsig (& also his "Lila"), Beck, Feynman. I haven't read most of the others listed - I thought Checkland's was fine but I pulled more value out of other systems books - still worth reading though. For anyone interested the John Von Neumann book is on []( - I haven't read it for a long time, I should re-read it, because when I read it I don't think I understood it, and I might understand more now :)