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October 2018 Summary Report

October 2018 Summary Report

TLDR: Lots of content this month.

Lots of content this month. I'm conscious that a lot of information gets lost in the noise of the world so I'll try and collate content I release and find useful. This is October 2018
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Tools & Code


Agile Testers Conference 2018 "Technology Based Technical Testing"

A simple example illustrating the complexity involved when combining basic technologies and how an understanding of the technologies involved can help us identify risk and reduce the scope of testing.
Has been added to "Evil Tester Talks" bundle, with transcript and bonus 20 minute live demo of dev tools and approach.
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Linkedin Articles



I have added a lot of content to Patreon over the last few months. I'm continuing to add content for my micro course "Get Your Message Out" covering blogging and conference speaking.
Get your message out content:
  • You should practice and record your talks - notes on practicing for conference talks and how/why to record them
  • Notes on repeating a conference talk - should you repeat a conference talk or not?
  • Speaking concerns at conferences - notes on Pay To speak, Diversity and other speaker concerns
  • Case Study and Reflection Agile Testers Online Conference 2018 - tools used to prep and perform the online conference with lessons learned and retrospective
  • Live Streaming Case Study - Video Tools and Equipment - Tools and equipment I use for live streaming and video recording
  • Video Creation Tips: Scripts, Practice and Handling Mistakes
  • Case Study notes and preparation process for Agile Testers Conference
  • Case Study - The Silent Run Through - Eurostar Presentation - description of a technique I use for practicing conference presentations
Other content:
  • Using Google Scholar Alerts for research
  • Technology Based Technical Testing - Demo
    • The live bonus demo from my Agile Testers Conference 2018 talk (also released to Evil Tester Talks)
  • Agile Testers Conference 2018 practice video The recording of my practice run through of the Agile Testers talk (also released to Evil Tester Talks)
  • Graphs and Tools Supporting Testing - notes on an academic paper on Graphs for Exploratory Testing
  • Boris Beizer - Software Testing Techniques - reflection on Boris Beizers book and how important it has been for my career with links to related blog post
  • Real life applications of skills learned for Software Testing - three short case studies of applying software testing skills in the real world for 'normal' things online
  • Amending HTTP Traffic within a Browser - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge - Ad free version of the YouTube video I released
  • How to take screenshots within a browser - Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Edge - Ad free version of the YouTube video I released
  • SASS, SCSS and CSS - Notes on SASS, SCSS and CSS, risk in testing and refactoring web page design
  • What is Software Testing? Software Testing "is"... - Notes on Software Testing definitions and models and a set of exercises to think about how to model testing
  • A Few New Dev Tool Features - notes on features in browsers, the source of the YouTube videos I created
  • Observation, Biases and Team Building - skills testers develop - observation, working from minimal clues, model building, inference and some notes about teams
  • Cache Poisoning Write up on PortSwigger & Twitter & Cache Testing - Links to articles on cache poisoning and why understanding caching is important for testing
  • Risks and Defect Fixes - Notes on using risk analysis when fixing a defect in code
  • Book Notes: Algorithmics by David Harel - a small book review on the book Algorithmics (1st Edition)
  • Book Notes: A Classical Mind - A W Roscoe - a small book review with useful research links
  • Some alternative thoughts on Boundary Value Analysis using YouTube as a case study - a 12 minute video case study on boundary value analysis
  • Searching and browsing without being tracked and how does that help testing?
  • Some Notes on Petri Nets - links and information about Petri Nets
  • Opportunity vs Temptation - notes on requisite variety and being able to take advantage of opportunities because you are ready, rather than being tempted and distracted
  • What would it take for Search Based Testing to 'beat' Random generation? - notes on an academic paper about search based testing
  • Automated Responsive Layout Bug Finding ReDeCheck - quick look at the Responsive layout testing tool ReDeCheck and code changes I made to get it running
  • Search Based Testing Papers - links to Academic research on Search Based Testing
  • Turing Award Winner Archive - links to important papers and interviews
  • a four part exercise about observation, hypothesis and magic
  • Book Notes: Drucker - Managing in a time of great change
  • Satisficing and Queuing work - Notes on scheduling work and getting things done quickly
  • Book Notes - Knowledge Skill and Artificial Intelligence by Bo Goranzon and Ingela Josefson
    • including additional research links Genetic Algorithms and Search Based Testing - including additional research links
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